7 Girl Bosses You Need To Know (Melanin Edition)

Ahhhh I can’t believe it’s already February! February is such an amazing month for many reasons. It’s short, it’s the month before my bday, and it’s Black History Month! I celebrate black excellence year around, but I always feel extra proud of our history during this month. It’s amazing to honor the women and men who are making a difference in our community. Especially us girls!

Everywhere I look, I see women living up to their fullest potential and doing big things in their professions. It’s really cool that women are rising to the top, where we belong. And it‘s even better when women are supporting other women.

In the spirit of Black History Month and sisterhood I’ve created a list of 7 Black Girl Bosses You Need To Know. I know that we‘re not all into the same things, so I did my best to showcase women that are changing the game in different areas.

But regardless of your interests, I hope that you click on the links below. Follow these women on Instagram, subscribe to their channels, and do business with them. Let’s support these queens !!!!

1. Patricia Bright (Pat)

Patricia Bright is a (U.K based) Youtube Star with a personality that‘s larger than life. Before becoming a big time vlogger, she was a student. But don’t get it twisted, even while she was working towards her degree, Pat had a side hustle. She styled hair to earn additional income. Patricia graduated uni with an accounting and finance degree. She eventually got a job as a business analyst, but left in 2013 to pursue a career in vlogging (Thnk God).

This British mama built her empire by making beauty and fashion videos. She gives the best beauty product and clothing reviews ever. I always browse her channel before ordering online because she keeps it real! Her expertise isn’t limited to beauty & fashion, she also gives amazing career & relationship advice. In addition to a poppin Youtube channel, Pat has landed campaigns with some of the biggest names in beauty (Mac & Bobbi Brown). And just when you thought the beauty guru reached her peak .....BAM.....she just wrote a book! That’s just another thing Patricia has under her (Gucci) belt.

Patricia Bright is the epitome of : women having it all. Her career is thriving but she always makes time for her family. Some of her videos include her husband and adorable daughter -who are her biggest supporters.

I just love her. I love her fam. I love it all.

Insta: @thepatriciabright

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BritPopPrincess


Heart & Hustle(Book) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0008263108/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_sjcvCb21MFDB1

2. Angela Rye

Angela Rye is an empowermentuer, lawyer, and a bad ass woman.The Seattle native is a force to be reckoned with. She is sharp and well versed. But it’s her passion that really makes her standout from other political commentators. Rye’s fierceness stems from her dedication to fighting for equality and improving the African American experience.

She is widely known for being the goat of political analysts, but Rye has so much more going on behind the scenes. She is the CEO of Impact Strategies, an organization designed to encourage young professionals in -economic empowerment, civic engagement, and political involvement. Angela is also the Executive Director & General Consul to the Congressional Black Caucus.

When it comes to politics, this woman knows her stuff. If you haven’t seen an Angela Rye take down on CNN then you’re missing out. So tune in to see her serving looks and facts!

Insta: @angelarye


Website: https://angelarye.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Angela-T-Rye-Esq-Bio-Short.pdf

3. Naomi Osaka

Naomi Ōsaka is a tennis legend in the making. Osaka was born in Japan to a Japenese mom and Haitian dad. Her parent’s relationship was not accepted by her maternal realitives, so she moved to New York when she was 3. Her father enrolled Naomi in tennis lessons after seeing the Williams sisters compete. Although she learned tennis in America, she represents Japan and has dual citizenship in both countries.

Oddly enough Naomi beat Serena Williams in last year‘s Grand Slam-which was filled with controversy and gracefulness. The 21-year-old is the current Us & Australian Open champion for women’s singles. She recently ranked No 1. in the Women’s Tennis Association(WTA).

Osaka is a good role model for aspiring athletes and mix-raced kids. She is someone who understands different cultures and establishing one’s identity. Her ambition is clear and her work ethic is strong. She‘s the kind of person we can all learn from.


Website: http://www.naomiosaka.com/en/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Naomi_Osaka_

4.Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland is the woman changing the face of ballet one pliè at a time. Her story is a little different from most ballerinas. Her career began at 13 when she took dance lessons with her school’s instructor. Most consider 13 a late age to master techniques, but Copeland was a natural. Her instructor immediately recognized her talent and suggested a more prestigious dance program. Misty’s knack for ballet allowed her to earn full scholarships to cover these expensive classes.

The ballerina’s talent has led to so many history making accomplishments. In 2007 she became the American Ballet Theathre‘s first African American soloist in over 20 years. The ABT also choose Copeland to become the principal dancer in 2015- making her the first black woman ever. Over the years, she has performed on tours, operas, and recently on film. Check out her skills in the new Disney film: The Nutcracker & the Four Realms.

Misty Copeland is an advocate for diversity in ballet. She wants aspiring ballerinas to have better access and more representation -regardless of their race or economic background. You just have to admire a woman who is paving the way for the next generation of girls.

Insta: @mistyonpointe



5. Nicola Smith Jackson

If finance is your thing, then Nicola Smith Jackson is your go-to woman. This Atlanta based mompreneur has become a seven-figure earner through network marketing. I actually had the privilege of meeting her on multiple occasions and let me tell you-she is a humble beast.

She doesn’t like to brag, so I’ll gladly do the boasting on her behalf. Nicola is an award-winning wealth strategist, motivational speaker, and the highest ranking person in her current business. It’s not often that we see a black woman at the top, but Nicola gracefully claims her spot time after time.

She is one of the best business women I’ve ever known, but perhaps, the best thing about Nicola is her heart. She is always looking to pour into and uplift people. That’s why she created the Pink Millionaire Club-which is designed to help women get their first million under her mentorship. No matter where you are in your business venture, she can take you to the next level. Nicola Smith Jackson is the mentor that everyone needs in their corner.

Insta: @nicolasmithjackson

Website: https://successwithnicola.com/pink-millionaire/

6. Rosemarie Ingleton

The doctor is in and she’s ready to work wonders on our skin. Rosemarie Ingleton is the Medical Director of Ingleton Dermatology- a practice she created in 1996. She is known for her cosmetic dermatology, skin treatment, and dermatologic surgery. Ingleton is the best for treating ethnic skin and adult acne.

Dr. Ingleton is very popular in the beauty & fashion world. Her clientele includes celebrities and socialites. She has been featured on Good Morning America and in many publications such as Vogue. She is definitely the go-to authority on all things dermatology

When I lived up north, I booked multiple appointments with Dr. Ingleton. Her office is located in New York City. The vibe is spa-like and warm. My skin was flawless after using her facial treatments. The doctor, herself, is super sweet, and she makes the experience relaxing. If you want healthy skin be sure to check out Dr.Ingleton -you won’t regret it!



7. Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay is a writer, producer, and director. Unlike most directors she never attended film school. Instead Ava used her English & Black Studies degrees towards a career in journalism. After an internship with CBS, working on the OJ Simpson Trial, she realized it wasn’t for her. But it took DuVernay much longer to discover her passion for directing. In fact, she was 32 when she picked up her first camera.

It wasn’t until her 2010 feature film “I Will Follow” that she found her niche. That was the turning point when she realized that she belonged behind the camera. Fast forward to 2014 when she created the award-winning movie Selma which landed her a Golden Globe nomination. She has also received an Oscar nomination for her documentary “13th”. But my favorite is her adaptation of a Wrinkle In Time which made her the first black woman to direct a $100 million film (Go Girl)

Ava DuVernay has achieved so much in her somewhat unconventional film career. Her story goes to show you, it’s never to late make a change and be successful.

Insta: @ava

Website: http://www.avaduvernay.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ava

Comment more black girl bosses that are changing the game below!

Oh and Happy Black History Month 🖤



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