9 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mental Health (From Home)

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

People say Home Is Where The ❤️ Is, but I think it’s more like my woman cave for all of my emotional breakdowns. Every time I feel like I’m toeing the line of losing my mind my favorite place is home. It’s not because I curl up in bed, watching sad movies, and stuffing my face with popcorn (anymore). It’s because it’s my safe haven where I can take my time to do things that make me happy. Going out & hanging with friends makes me feel better, but sometimes all I need is mi casa. This post is for anyone that wants to feel good without leaving their house.

1. Make Up Your Bed

It always seemed impossible to make up my bed in the morning. My sleep-in time was way too sacred to sacrifice for bed-making. If it wasn't for this girl, I probably still wouldn't make up my bed. Her logic is "that no matter how badly she effs up everything else throughout her day, at least she made up her bed". Kudos to this lady for inspiring me to make up my bed. Now I set aside time every morning to make sure it gets done.This is an effective way to start off your day the right

and have something to look forward to.

2. Drink Tea/Coffee

Most of you already know the physical health benefits of caffeine,but did you know it also does some serious good to your mind? For starters it gives you lots of energy.Of course you're more likely to feel down when you're running on empty.Sometimes all you need is a little boost of energy to improve your mood.Speaking of moods, a recent Harvard study revealed that increasing your caffeine consumption can decrease your risk of developing depression by a whopping 20%. That's pretty good for a latte.


9 out 10 times I DREAD doing chores...but sometimes it's actually beneficial to my sanity.Our environment affects they way we feel, think, and behave. Sometimes I can be a little messy, so when my room is a disaster, I’m very unproductive. If you're already a clean person, try to redecorate your living space. Browse IKEA for a little inspo. Add cool string lights or posters to give your room a little more character. If want to go all out, you can replace some of your furniture for a fresh look.

4. Cook

I'm no Martha Stewart, but I've been spending a ton of time in the kitchen lately. It's so fun to find simple yet creative meals to cook for myself.The simplicity of the recipe is a very important factor. If it's too complicated I get super stressed,which is the last thing I need. Meals that require chopping & stirring are are my fav because it helps me temporarily forget about my problems. I‘d so much rather cry over onions and not my credit card bill.The best part of it all, is eating a yummy meal at the end.

I wish I made this

5. Put Down The Phone

In our phone obsessed world it’s hard to make time for ourselves.I'm a big advocate of taking a digital detox to have a little "Me Time". If you're scrolling through insta, liking pictures, then you’re not taking full advantage of your alone time. I recommend putting your phone on Do Not Disturb for at least 30 minutes a day. Too much cell usage can actually drive you crazy.

6. Take A Bath

I‘m a spa enthusiast. It's my favorite place to destress and rejuvenate. When the spa isn't an option, my tub is the next best thing. I pour bath bombs in the tub, light a few candles, and viola I have a diy spa day. I spend 30-45 minutes in the tub...just relaxing.(This is also a great time to put down your phone.)

7. Journal

Sometimes it's hard to talk about your feelings with other ppl and that's a-okay. It’s not okay, however, to bottle up all of your emotions. Get a journal and let it all out. You will feel 1000 times better once you get everything off your chest.

8. Skin Care

I can’t end the day without doing my skin care routine. I love the way my skin looks and feels after it’s pampered. Taking care of your skin is a great way to treat yourself after a long day. I guess it's something about glowy, healthy skin that makes me more confident & happy✨

Me Feeling Myself After My Skin Care Routine

9. Beauty Rest

Sleep is EVERYTHING.Your body can’t function properly without it. Lack of sleep

affects the emotional part in your brain. Getting only 4 hrs of sleep a night isn’t doing yourself any favors. It’s only going to put you in a pissy mood and make everyone else around you miserable. Experts recommend at least 7-9 hours each night. If you’re battling insomnia, try putting lavender oil on your pillow or drinking lavender tea before bed. It’s calming properties can help reduce stress which makes it easier for you to you catch some zzzz’s.

I would love to hear from you guys. Comment below the ways you improve your mental health from home.

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