Guide To Std Testing

Summer is right around the corner and it might brew up a little romance for a few lucky girls. If summer lovin isn’t in your future, then you might find yourself waking up next to some (lucky) hottie. Whatever this season has in store for you, there is something you absolutely must do first!

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Most women have never been tested before & the rest only test if we think something’s wrong. We can do better than that ladies. In fact we need to do better. According to the American Sexual Health Association, 1 in 2 sexually active people will contract a STI by the age of 25. Furthermore the CDC estimates that undiagnosed STDs cause 24,000 women to become infertile each year. This is mainly because WE DON’T GET TESTED. Now’s the time to change that. I created a little guide to std/sti testing to help you take care of your post sex business ( & because that’s what friends are for). Now this isn’t some bs health class type guide, but a real deal guide filled with tips that can help all women- so take notes girlies.

Do I need to get tested?

If you ever...

_Gave a BJ /Went Down on Someone

_Recv Oral

_ Had Vaginal Sex

_ Had Anal Sex

_ Scissored

_ Had Unprotected sex

you need to get tested.

When should I get tested?

Every time you get with a new partner, have unprotected sex, and/or experience any symptoms. I prefer to get tested 2-3 weeks after having sex with a new partner because it takes some STD’s a couple of weeks to show up in your body (if positive). You don’t want a false negative because you tested too early. On the other hand some stds symptoms appear as early as 3 days, so if you feel like something’s wrong go to the doctor. Basically play it by ear, but don’t wait too long!

Where do I get tested ?

When I get a new boy-toy I make it my business to visit the clinic...but it wasn't always easy. In high school it was hard to cover the cost of getting tested. The prices can range from $30-$100 (it totally depends on your insurance). I had good coverage which put me on the lower end of the cost, but then I ran into another problem. Using my insurance meant my parents would find out & I really didn't need the added stress of them spazzing out. After desperately searching for a clinic that wouldn't rat me out via insurance statement, I finally stumbled upon a true life saver.

Free Clinics: come in clutch when you're low on funds, don’t have insurance, or want your visit to be discreet. It was hard to believe that I could actually get tested for free, but there were no strings attached to this visit. I came in, wrote down my contact information (for the results) and got tested. Now there is one minor catch. You have to look at what free services are available at the free clinic. The first one I went to only tested for HIV, but the next one I went to offered more services. After getting tested, the clinic called me a week later to tell me the results & that was the end of it.

Planned Parenthood: is the bomb. People only associate PP with abortion services, but they also conduct std testing. I went with a friend to get tested and the staff were really friendly. They don’t offer free services, but they do offer lower rates (especially for those with no insurance).

Gyno: If you’re tight with your gyno then you should absolutely let them test you. They are probably already familiar w your vagina + sexual history, so it makes the whole process easier.

*Never let funds or anything else stop you from getting tested. There are way too many options for that excuse babe*

What To Get Tested For?

You need to get everything checked up before your next hookup! The problem is that some clinics don’t include ALL stds in their standard testing. I have been to some that only test for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV (which left out syphilis,herpes, & genital warts). All you have to do is ask to get tested for every std. The additional tests shouldn’t affect cost if you’re using insurance, but it might if you don't have any.

Why Should I Get Tested?

The textbook answer is because some stds don’t show symptoms- that’s why they’re so contagious. You can be fully infected and not have a single clue. A doctor is the only person that can confirm infection, so it’s always a good idea to pay them a visit.

Besides that, I think getting tested is so important because we like sex. We are a sex obsessed culture & because it’s so fun, we forget about the real risks of stds.

We think that it won’t happen to us. We think we're too clean to have an std, but stds don’t discriminate. No matter your relationship status ,body count , & sexual orientation you can still catch a case. It’s really just a luck of the draw.

You can , however, decrease your odds of catching an std by practicing safe sex. Safe sex goes beyond condoms (which I always suggest especially w a new partner) & birth control. It also includes knowing you/your partner’s status. Now I get when you’re at a party, vibing with someone, asking the last time they got tested is a major buzzkill. But the least you can do is use a condom & go to the clinic afterward. If you’re in a relationship or consistent hookup urge your partner to get tested with you (that’s actual goals). No matter how “clean” the person claims to be you need to know for yourself.

Make getting tested a part of your sex routine! Do yourself a favor & book that appt right now.

-Love Your Guardian 👼🏾, G


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