How To Make 2019 The Best Year Ever

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

It's okay to ring in the New Year drunk off our asses, we can't go in blind! Every year we make resolutions without creating a solid plan to make things happen. If you want 2019 to be a successful year you need to set goals, make plans, and build a solid support system. It's already day 2 and we have no time to waste so let's get right to it.

My Vision Board (Yes I'm 19 and I still don't drive lmao )

Goals- Be intentional.

Start off by thinking of the smaller things you want to achieve. Most of us set big goals that are sometimes unrealistic.I don’t want to crush your dream of becoming a millionaire by the end of 2019,because it can happen. I just think we put too much emphasis on the final destination and completely ignore the journey. Set micro goals which will serve as the foundation for your bigger aspirations. You want to be a millionaire? Think about the stuff you need to accomplish before that happens.That might require reading self development books or investing in things to perfect your craft. These micro goals are crucial to reaching your goal.

****This next part is my favorite step and arguably the most important one.Grab scissors, a poster board, and magazines because we‘re making vision boards!****

Vision Boards- Map It Out.

Vision Boards are the best thing to do when entering a new phase in your life. I love having a visual representation of the person I want to become & the lifestyle I want to live. Ik most people consider this goal setting, but I combine the creation of my board with the planning process(So when I go to look at my goals my plan is right there with it.)

Here's a few tips to make an effective vision board:

  • Don't get scissor happy-Take the time to look through whatever your media sources are. You want to find the best images/words that embody the person you want to be.

  • Issa Vibe- This should be a relaxing activity. Find a chill playlist, light candles, and have wine on standby.

  • Me, Myself,& I- these are the only people you should consider when creating your vision board. Don't set goals to satisfy other ppl.

  • Make sure it's easily accessible- It might not be the best idea to stash it in your closet(a place where dreams die). I set mine up so it's literally the first thing I see when I wake up. It is so much harder to lose motivation when your goals are staring back at you every day.

The Strategy - My Plan for Operation Go Vegan

Plz Excuse My Messy Penmanship

This is the stage where you put your goals in motion! As I make the board, I brainstorm a list of actions that are essential to achieving my goals. Each goal needs its own plan of action. Be SPECIFIC. Some of the goals on your vision board will require thorough planning-so don't be surprised if it takes longer than 5 mins.

Support System-Your Go-To

No matter how much planning you do, at some point life will GLADLY throw a wrench in your plan. That doesn't mean that you give up because things didn't go the way you planned. It means you need to go map things out again and change the route so that you still reach your destination.

I'll be the first to admit that it's hard to get up when you get knocked down, but that's what you have to do. Getting back up is the only thing that separates you from achieving your dreams. You need to find ways to stay motivated and not lose sight of the person you're destined to be.

Here's My 5 Go - To's When Life Happens

  • Friends & Fam- I always vent to my friends and family. They know how to cheer me up and give good advice. It's important to have people in your life you can confide in during your rough patches.

  • Music- Music therapy is the best therapy.When I don't want to be a burden on my family and friends I rely on music. Have a playlist ready for moments like this. Every time I'm down in the dumps I have Billie Eillish and Frank Ocean on REPEAT.

  • Exercise-Running is my favorite way to blow off steam. It gives you time to clear your head. Plus, I feel better knowing I’m snatched even when I'm going through a crisis.

  • Books- It’s nothing like going to Barnes & Noble and finding an uplifting book. My favorites are self-development books and memoirs. It's inspiring to read about everyone’s success story.(This reminds me I need to order Michelle Obama's memoir asap).

  • GTOX- I love a classic GTOX. That's when I take a break from social media, reevaluate my life, and cleanse myself from any negativity. Sometimes all you need is a little detox to get back on your feet.

2019 can be the most glamorous and successful year you've ever had, but that's entirely up to you. Write your own story.Think about all the stuff you want do. Establish a game plan.Have a system in place for when things don't go according to plan.This is your year, so make every single day count.

Ready, Set, Go.


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