I'm A Murderer

Updated: May 15, 2019

Well I could hypothetically be one thanks to a misogynistic bill passed by Georgia Gov Brian Kemp.

The "Fetal Heartbeat" Bill makes it illegal to receive an abortion once a heartbeat is detected in the womb. Naturally I’m pissed that Brian Kemp thinks it’s okay to tell me what to do with my body.

But he’s just a little pawn in the grand scheme of things. Conservatives have been trying to overturn Roe v Wade (landmark case that legalized abortion) since it was passed. With Donald Trump in office and Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice, pro-life lawmakers are shooting their shot...and they’re landing. According to CBS News, 15 states have introduced similar anti-abortion legislation this year and the governors of Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio have signed theirs into law. If a judge does not overturn this bill then Georgia will be home to strictest anti-abortion legislation ever. Keep reading to see how Brian Kemp crafted a bill that makes abortion nearly impossible.

1).Heartbeat Detection

Women can start hearing their babies heartbeat as early as 6 weeks & as late as 12 weeks. If you’re on the early end of the spectrum then that’s only 2 weeks after a missed period. Most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at this point & most doctors recommend pregnancy tests at the 8 week mark.

Contrary to popular belief most women who get abortions take time to decide if it’s the best thing for them. Having an abortion is not an easy thing. It can be physically & emotionally painful, but for the (individual) woman it might be best for her. Sometimes a woman might want an abortion, but the deeper she goes into her pregnancy she changes her mind. In her case, having the baby, is what’s best for her. My point is this is a life changing decision, so limiting the opportunity to abort to the fetus’s (first)heartbeat is unfair. By the time women realize they’re pregnant it will be too late to make a decision. So basically it’s like surprise you’re having a baby.

2.)The bill gives the fetus personhood

Georgia will recognize a fetus with a heartbeat as a person with rights. That means getting an abortion will turn you into a murderer. In addition the doctor who performs the procedure may also be held accountable. Under Georgia law murderers can face life imprisonment or capital punishment. Yup, your life is at stake if you want to have an abortion in the Peach State. I’ve seen rapists walk away with a simple slap on the back (@ Brock Turner).

3). Crossing State Lines is illegal

You might be thinking that you can go to a neighboring state for the procedure, but this bill strictly prohibits that. If you’re a GA resident you can be charged with conspiracy to murder, if you are caught getting an abortion out of state. God forbid you bring a friend for support, they can be charged as an accessory to murder. I don't even understand how this could be a thing, because if you commit a crime in different state you abide by their laws.

4)Miscarriages can be investigated

As if this bill could not be any worse, police are allowed to investigate cases of miscarriages. If evidence (drinking, smoking, or other dangerous behavior) proves that you intentionally caused the miscarriage then you can be convicted of murder. I guess the most troubling thing is that approximately 1 in 4 women have miscarriages during the 1st trimester. Most miscarriages are due to the nature of pregnancy itself. A pregnant women can do everything right and still have a miscarriage. Even women planning to have babies can be interrogated by the police if they have a miscarriage. It’s a very sensitive subject and implying that a woman intentionally caused this is evil. Making a woman relive the miscarriage itself is just inhumane.

5). Exceptions

Brian Kemp was kind enough to make a few exceptions. If the pregnancy will harm the mother then she is allowed to get an abortion. If the baby is the product of incest she is allowed to get an abortion. If a woman is raped she is allowed to get an abortion- if she files a police report.

I’m sure Brian Kemp thinks that all women will report rape immediately, but that shows how ignorant he is to the struggles women face. Rape is a difficult thing for anyone to go through. The victim may not want to report the assault right after it happens. It takes some people months and even years to talk about what happened to them. Of course when a woman is sexually assaulted, in addition to dealing with the rape she has to worry the possibility of pregnancy. So if a women is processing the aftermath of an (unreported) rape & finds out she’s pregnant, she can't abort the baby. A women who did not ask to be raped or ask to have the baby, will be forced into motherhood because she wasn’t ready to talk about her rape to police.

As a young woman living in GA, this law could be so damaging if enacted. I will be stripped of my right to decide what I want to do with my body. I could end up in a situation where I’m financially & mentally unequipped for motherhood, but thrown into it anyways. I believe in choice. Women should never be forced to have a baby in the same way they should never be forced to get an abortion. It’s our bodies & we are the only ones that should decide what happens to it. For women that are pro life, that’s okay. You don’t have to get an abortion if you don’t want to. That’s your right, your choice, and frankly that’s the beauty of it. But it’s a little hypocritical to insist other women not have a choice when you were able to make one. Don’t you think?

It’s also so funny to see how hard some men pushing anti- abortion legislation, yet they kill babies all the time. No one goes around asking them to not ejaculate because they're wasting precious sperm. They also fail to take in consideration all the factors involved in pregnancy. They think it’s an easy decision because they aren’t the ones carrying the baby for 9 months. They won’t feel the morning sickness. They won’t feel the excruciating pain of birthing a baby. They won’t have their bodies pushed to a point they didn’t think possible.

This law will not ban abortions, but it will ban safe abortions. If women feel like their back is against the wall with this issue, they will resort back to the ways of past generations. Ways that are dangerous and could result in the loss of two lives. It’s safe to say that women’s health rights are under attack and we need to fight harder than ever to keep them.


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