The Broke Girl’s Guide To Lingerie Shopping

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Who says Valentines Day is the only time to splurge on lingerie? We all deserve to prance around in the sexiest intimates ever. Imagine having a grand collection of pretty lingerie - all the red, pink, and lace a girl could possibly need. could dream.

As much as I would love to have a closet full of intimates, the reality is looking fab comes at a price. Cutesy lingerie is so expensive these days☹. So I felt like it was my duty to find

affordable places to buy lingerie (without sacrificing the fab factor). Get your credit card ready ladies and let’s go on a little shopping trip.


There are so many hidden gems in the racks of good ole Marshall’s. I think most ppl forget about Marshall’s because it seems like a weird place to get underwear......but they have some great options. I typically get neutral intimates from here because it’s cheap and there is no such thing as too many basics. Sometimes you just need a good nude bra, and Marshall’s is my go-to place for all the essentials.


It’s Primetime bby! Amazon is the holy grail of online shopping. Everything you could possibly need is on Amazon and that includes pretty underwear. You can find all sorts of lingerie on here. They have costume lingerie, everyday wear, and sexy pieces too. There is no better feeling than buying things on Amazon. I will admit, online shopping can be irritating when dealing with the shipping process. But Amazon makes the shopping experience stress free. The best part about Amazon is that you can receive some items in 2 days(if you have a prime membership). That is perfect for the ppl that need their lingerie asap.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is every broke girl‘s heaven on earth. I love to rack up on shirts, crop tops, and undies. I‘ve only gotten underwear from here (peep my 𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 panties above), but every pair has exceeded my expectations. The quality is really good and the panties with sasssy little sayings are so cute. They also have a great selection -especially online- of sports bras and bralettes. But wait there’s more! If you want to stock up on panties they have a 5 for $20 deal which really suits a brokegirl‘s budget.

Fashion Nova

I honestly have a love hate relationship with this brand. I love, love, love, the amazing blowout sales, but I hate that everyone and their momma wears Fashion Nova. It’s hard to find standout pieces that haven’t made an appearance or two on your ig feed. But one of the reasons everyone wears the brand, is because the clothes are straight fire! And the Lingerie/Intimate Section is no different. My favorites are the teddy bodysuits and babydoll slips. I just think they are super soft and very versatile. You can wear them to sleep, at the club, or for bae. Versatility is definitely a bang for your buck!

Victoria’s Secret

I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. Victoria‘s Secret isn‘t really affordable. Their bras are truly over priced and don’t even get me started on the sizing. But one thing that Victoria’s Secret does right is the 7 for $27 panties deal. You will always catch me in stores when this sale is going on. I suggest that you take advantage of this sale because it’s pretty much the only time VS is reasonable.


Aerie is like Victoria‘s Secret underrated little sister. I just want to take a minute to gas up Aerie because they dont get the attention they deserve. The bras are super comfy and they range from $15-$25. I also like how they name each bra frame. One day you’re sporting a Brooke and the next you’re rocking a Charley. Little gestures like naming the frames makes me feel like Aerie celebrates the average girl-and not just supermodels. Overall I’d say Aerie is the PERIOD.

Dolls Kill

My obsession with this brand started when I saw this zodiac themed set. I‘m a Pisces (& its Pisces Szn), and just like that I was sucked into the world of Dolls Kill. Dolls Kill is unique because it’s super edgy. This is the place where punk rock and glam meet......and I’m here for it! I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone that is sick of cliche lingerie. The prices can get a little steep, but you can still find affordable items- use the low to high price filter & you’ll be fine. #brokegirlthings

Ann Summers

This U.K based retailer specializes in sex toys and lingerie. There are so many neat things on this site that I can’t wait to get my hands on. This brand gives off too hot to handle vibes. Like these are the type of fits you need to wear for bae. The sultry items are cool, but the body inclusiveness is what really distinguishes this brand. Ann Summers accommodates boobies that fit into cups A-H. Whether you’re the queen of the ittybittytitty committee or you've got a huge rack, there is a bra for you. They also offer plus sizes!!!!! Its sick to see brands cater to different body types and sizes. Ann Summers is winning.

Did I miss any good lingerie places? Comment below your favorite places to shop for Lingerie.

-Happy Shopping, G


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