Waxeddd (My first Brazilian Wax + Waxing Tips)

TMI Alert: Sry but the magic is in the deets

​In preparation for my Spring Break trip, I decided to give waxing a try. I've been considering this for a while because I really enjoy exploring different grooming options. Over the years I have been...

The Aggressive Shaver: When I shaved probably 2- 3 times a week because I wanted to maintain a completely bald look. I thought that's how women were supposed to look down there. It was really unnecessary and not so great for my vag.

The Datenight Shaver: When a boy unexpectedly asked to hang and I would freak out for absolutely no reason.

The Bushy Girl: After the development of stubborn razor bumps, I had to break up with my razor and go au naturale (Honestly I kinda peaked during this stage)

As you can see my vagina is my canvas, but there was only one grooming style left for me to try. I decided it was finally time to go to the expert & get my first Brazilian! Not gonna lie, I was a lil nervy because waxing is the Regina George of grooming, but YOLO. Here’s my experience with the infamous Brazilian Wax.


I'm an idiot so I did not prep, but this is mainly because I went on a whim. I knew if I didn't get it done at that moment it would be on my bucket list forever. So I put on my big girl pants and went in cold turkey. Prepping can make the whole experience a little more pleasant when done right. Before I get into prep, first you need to make sure your hair is long enough! If it’s too short you’re more likely to be irritated and feel (more) pain. With waxing, you generally need 1/4” length of hair for the product to latch onto and successfully remove it. Let that hair grow before you even think about booking an appointment. Once it’s at a reasonable length then it’s prep time!

First thing’s first you want to wait until after your period. Technically you’re allowed to get waxed on your period, but your skin will be more sensitive. I got mine done a few days before my period & let me tell you it was not a fun time. Do yourself a favor and wait it out.

The day before you get waxed you want to make sure you EXFOLIATE. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells & ensures that even the tiniest hairs are caught by the wax the first time around. I love to use this sugar scrub because it smells heavenly and it makes my skin feel uh-mazing.

30-45 minutes before your appointment you can take an ibuprofen to help numb the sensation (I really wish I tried this one ).

Finally when you’re on the bed make sure you ask for hard wax! Hard wax is a warm liquid that the esthetician applies, leaves it to cool and removes by hand. You don't want a soft wax which attaches to the skin rather than the individual hairs (ouch).

The Pain

Okay so the bad news is, no matter how much you prep there is no avoiding the pain. Losing my waxing virginity was 1000% percent more painful than I ever imagined. There was a little screaming involved and some tears fighting to fall down my face. To be fair I have a very low pain tolerance, so I felt like my soul was being snatched each time. But you're literally ripping hair right from the roots of (imo) the most sensitive area of your body- so soul snatching is expected. It was the absolute worst when she got near my inner lips because like I said our 🐱 are very sensitive. I also think the pain was super intense because I was so tense.

The best advice I can give to minimize pain is..... RELAX

I can't even believe I'm saying this because I definitely freaked tf out, but it's the truth. When you're in that butterfly position -as vulnerable as ever- spazzing out only heightens the pain. You have to find comfort in something if you can't find it in yourself. Small talk with your esthetician is a great distraction. Will you still feel like you lost your soul? Probs, but on the brightside you made a friend who knows how to get rid of razor bumps.

The Aftermath

Tbh I was mentally hugging myself for actually sticking it out. The moment I walked out of the room, I felt absolutely no pain. Everyone handles pain differently, so it might be a good idea to invest in numbing cream or calming oils. My vagina was red and the esthetician warned me to avoid super hot showers for at 24 hrs. She also advised me to wear cotton undies (because they’re more breathable) & avoid going commando (so my vagina wouldn’t rub against the clothing dyes). Make sure you follow these instructions to minimize irritation & risk of infection.

Waxing Etiquette: Tip your waxer because it’s not an easy job (especially when you’re a nut like me) and the results will be worth it.

3 Days Post Wax

My vagina was unbelievably smooth, like my razor could never, without leaving behind bumps. I was very impressed with how long it stayed smooth too. My hair started growing back 2 weeks later (this depends on how fast your hair grows & how often you get waxed). If you want to maintain a shrub free vag until you (literally) can’t anymore, then you have to take your post wax routine seriously. Post Wax care is super important because it determines your vagina’s fate. Will you grow hair bumps? How long will it feel smooth for? The secret is exfoliating! You need to pair your sugar scrub with a bikini brush to keep your vagina dead skin free.

Love, Love, Love...But

I guess I won’t cancel it just yet, but I don’t know if it’s something I’ll do religiously. I’m tornnnnnnn. Ik the results are worth it, but the pain is too...how do you say...RAW! I heard it gets a little better the more often you do it, so there is still hope. But knowing my dramatic ass it probably won’t be anytime soon.

Lmk what you guys think?

Am I being too dramatic?

How was your experience with waxing?

What’s your favorite grooming style?

Bruised But Not Broken,



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